Flatiron | Parsons, a joint venture Oakland Airport Connector



The three-car trains will feature attractively styled interior and exterior designs, customized in consultation with BART to complement fixed facilities architecture.  Key features of the trains will include:

  • Self-supporting aluminum structure
  • Open vehicle interior layout, allowing passengers to pass freely through the entire train
  • Doors on both sides of each car
  • Integrated roof-mounted HVAC systems
  • Bogie systems with pneumatic tires and lateral guidance systems


Our steel truss guideway is open to the sky, allowing sunlight to reach the ground and opportunities for a wider variety of landscaping underneath.  This design is both aesthetically pleasing and more cost effective to typical concrete guideway alternatives. 

Airport Station

Upon arrival at the Airport Station, passengers will exit trains, proceed on escalators to the ground level, and cross directly to airport terminals.  The station is configured to accommodate a connection via elevated pedestrian bridge to the vertical circulation structure between Terminals 1 and 2, and a future Terminal 3. 

Coliseum Station

The Coliseum Station is designed for ease of access to the existing Coliseum BART platform. As a result, passengers arriving from the OAC can walk directly from the APM platform, through the BART fare gates, across a semi-enclosed pedestrian walkway over San Leandro Street, and down an escalator directly onto the existing BART platform. 

Maintenance and Storage Facility

The Maintenance and Storage Facility houses the system's cable drive machinery, as well as vehicle maintenance and wash provisions, the system control center, and administrative and personnel facilities.  It is configured to allow conversion to a combination station and maintenance facility with the addition of outboard platforms, vertical circulation, and barrier walls.